Sprężarka śrubowa BOGE

Wydajność: 9,3 m3/min ; 558 m3/h

Ciśnienie 8 Bar

Silnik 55kW

Sprężarka stacjonarna - elektryczna, po remoncie w stanie b.dobrym

Sprężarka śrubowa SC 50 SM

Wydajność: 4,6 m3/min ; 276 m3/h

Ciśnienie 8 Bar

Sprężarka przewoźna - spalinowa.

Stan dobry.

Sprężarka tłokowa przewoźna z napędem spalinowym WD53

Wydajność: 5,3 m3/min ; 318 m3/h

Ciśnienie robocze 8 Bar

Urządzenie sprawne.

Stan dobry.

Osuszacz ziębniczy Ceccato DL170

Przepływ 28,5 m3/min ; 1710 m3/h

Ciśnienie od 6 do 16 Bar

Urządzenie sprawne

Osuszacz ziębniczy ULTRATROC

Wydajność: 10,5 m3/min ; 630 m3/h

Moc przyłączeniowa 230V


FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) The pass came down the middle of the field, was tipped by one Jets defender and then linebacker Bruce Carter tried to corral it. The ball hit the turf and Carter pounded the ground.

A few plays later, a running back swept to the outside, only to find Carter firmly standing his ground and ruining the play.

It was that kind of practice Thursday for the seven-year veteran Carter.Leonard Williams Jersey He was everywhere.

But that interception that wasn’t …

”The ball came in on me late,” Carter said, ”and my teammate tipped it. I didn’t get a bead on it quick enough.Brandon Marshall Jersey

”Hopefully in a game, I catch it.”

Carter figures to see plenty of action in Saturday night’s preseason opener against Tennessee. He likely will be a backup to begin this season because the Jets envision 2016 first-round draft pick Darron Lee, returning veteran DeMario Davis (reacquired from Cleveland) and third-year LB Lorenzo Mauldin ahead of him.Matt Forte Jersey Carter offers leadership, savvy and versatility, though.

”I like the versatility the defense offers at each position,” he said.Darrelle Revis Jersey ”It allows guys at each position to do a lot of things. It brings out the ability of everyone: linebackers, safeties, DEs, everyone.